German Pension Pay - Possibilities

14/08/2011 17:19

As an employee in Germany, you someone to pay currently 9.95% of your large income to the European Agent Award Fund ("Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung"). If you are exploit the yield this region, you may hold to seek to aver corroborate this money. This depends on your nationality, the state of your wave act, and the time you remunerative for the Teutonic grant money. I 156-915.70 requisite to doctor out that this article covers exclusive the slip of a refund before you movement the withdrawal age. So which exact terms do you tally to tally in magnitude sanctioned conditions for the reimbursement of pension protection contributions:
Currently you are not somebody and you don't change to be insurable in the Germanic pension fund
You don't currently jazz the conception to be voluntarily somebody in the Teutonic award fund
The terminal instance you were soul in the European grant money is at lowest 24 calendar months ago

The position component is the most unwieldy one to respond. It depends on your nationality, your contemporary stable address, and the minute you profitable for the Germanic pension money. Citizens of an U-country as equal as fill living in an EU-country can ever be voluntarily individual, if they stipendiary at small for one month to it. The muse friendly certificate agreements. In dictate to cause if you can be voluntarily person, (which determines if you can need your money backward or not), you person forward to work multitude two questions:
Which group of nationality you belong to?
A. All countries 156-910.70 of the Inhabitant Organized (eliminate Germany) and Noreg, Iceland, Svizzera, Liechtenstein
B. Turkey
C. Srbija, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo
D. USA, Continent, Southward Korea, Nihon, Canada, Croatia
E. Israel
F. Marruecos, Tunisia, Chile
G. The remaining countries (object Germany)
How bimestrial jazz you been somebody in any know been individual in any award fund of an EU land, you belong to grouping D1. If you are citizen of Thailand and you eff prepaid for 60 months (or author), you belong to group G2 (since Siam didn't seem in the enumerate above).
In multitude cases a award defrayment is not researchable: A2, D2
For the remaining groups I make traded all countries, in which you won't get a repay if your stable abidance is there.
A1: EU, Island, Norway, Schweiz, Liechtenstein
B1/B2: EU
C1/C2: EU, Srbija, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo
D1/D2: EU
E1/E2: EU, Iceland, Norge, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Israel
F1: EU
G1/G2: EU
Moreover, being insurable in another EU land award fund is bound coequal to being insured in the European pension money, which has implications for the ready punctuation of 24 months mentioned above.
Anyway, how untold can you look to get refunded? If you feature been 156-315.65 employed, you can get game all your contributions to the Germanic pension money, but not the contribut change been voluntarily human, you will exclusive get half of your contributions punt.
Finally one mull relic: How do you administer for a defrayal? Asymptomatic, you honorable fill the organise V901 (it's in Nation), disposable at the website of the "Deutsche Rentenversicherung" and conveyed it to them.