Financial Kiosks: Reaching More Clients Than Traditional Banking

13/08/2011 15:24

Financial Kiosks: Reaching More Clients Than Traditional Banking
Banking firms have cited the high costs of hiring tellers for the purpose of setting up new accounts to clients and doing other tasks such as account inquiry. To makes matters worse, there are about 78 million people all over the Unite States who are unbanked or those IC3-3 who have not gotten any services from banks at all. With the financial kiosks, the high population of unbanked individuals will have more access to bank services wherever they are. However, financial kiosks are not only used on matters regarding credit cards and debit cards but this type of kiosks can also be optimized to support other peripheral applications. This is the reason why financial/banking kiosks are also used for bill payments and as well as for store promotion.
Features and Benefits of Setting Up Financial/Banking Kiosks
1.) Automated banking kiosks can receive bill IC3-2 payments from companies such as lenders, check-cashing stores and pawnshops. 2.) Offers 24/7 banking which reduce the cost of transaction, expenditures on staff overhead as well as branch expenses.3.) Input through banking kiosks offer less mistakes thus reducing reconciliation costs. Moreover, speed in transaction is also increased as customers no longer need to wait for the teller to attend to them. 4.) Financial kiosks also reduce the queues thus improving customer service. 5.) Kiosks that are set up in retail locations provide increased revenues by means of product expansion and not only through bill payments.6.) Financial kiosks also offer multi-lingual options thus empowering customers speaking other languages. Companies will be able to have a reach on larger target market if more foreign customers are empowered.7.) Financial kiosks offer more security features such as privacy screens, proximity sensors IC3-1 as well as trigger mats in order to secure the privacy of the user.
Companies such as US Bank, AT&T and TIO has been using financial/banking kiosks to provide financial solutions and expand their reach to a larger target group thus if you want to improve the status of your business, then this low-cost customization provided by financial kiosk will simply help your company reach your ROI in no time at all.