Financial Help For Single Parents

13/08/2011 15:08

It is not a cakewalk for a single mother or a single father to bring up a child. It is a burden financially as well as emotionally. You require financial help at every step if you are single income earner. Also, you have to play the role of both dad and mom to your child. In the United States of America, the 156-215.70 government has many programs for single parents that will enable them to avoid financial crisis such as a need for food, medical needs, financial support and housing arrangements. Let us take a look at the advantages of the programs for financial help for single moms.
All the states of the United States have programs funding their residents to help keep them from a financial crisis. As a result they have programs of financial help for single dads and moms. All of the states have departments of health and human services. You will have to find the nearest outlet to your residence. If you find it too far then you can visit their website and fill out the required form. In the case that you do not have computer access and are located far from the office then you can also dial 211 and talk to a representative. They will allow you to fill out the form over the phone. If they find that you qualify for financial help, then you will be provided with a certain amount of cash on a monthly basis. The amount will depend on your income and family size. This financial help is provided through a debit card or deposited directly into your 156-215.65 account.
In 2009 the number of US citizens without health insurance rose to a stunning 46.3%. Mediocre and small companies often do not offer health insurance. If they do, then it is quite difficult on the part of the employees to afford it. Therefore, the government has some insurance programs like Medicaid and Medicare. As a single mom or dad your child will more often than not qualify for Medicaid. Visit the local department of health and human services to understand the provisions of health insurance. So there are number of financial help for single parents.
An important program for financial help for single moms from the government are food stamps. They are also given out by the Department of Human Services. This like cash will also be given according to family size and income. However, you can use the stamps only to buy food and not any other commodities like cleaning supplies or alcohol. The food coupon will be available as a card and with each purchase you will notified about your available balance. If you have children whom go to school, then they will also be entitled for free or subsidized lunch under such coupons.
Besides this, financial help for single parents are also available as 156-100 energy assistance programs. This is emergency electrical funding and is made for those who are at the risk of losing their service. To qualify for this you will have to fill out an application as you would to qualify for other assistances. Besides this the single moms can also get assistance for housing expenses. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides you decent homes in good localities.