Financial Help for Single Moms - Helping Families Find Their Feet

13/08/2011 15:00

The job of a single mom is one of the most difficult ones in the world because she has immense responsibility and more often than not has to fulfill them on a 156-915.70 reduced income. Governments and aid organizations are aware of the enormity of the challenge that these women face and therefore devise various programs offering financial help for single moms. The federal government offers financial help for single moms and so do the various state governments. While many of them focus on the woman's need to get better education so that she can qualify for a better job, others provide her with financial help so that she can get proper day care for her kids.
Having a home of one's own does wonders to a woman's feeling of confidence and security and she can then focus on 156-910.70 providing her kids with a stable living environment. As a result, there are programs that offer loans and grants for single mothers to buy a home.
You need to get accurate information about these grants so that you can apply for the right ones. They usually have certain eligibility criteria. Most of them specify that your annual income has to fall below a certain level. However, these eligibility criteria differ according to the organization that is offering the grant. You need to get the right information about these grants so that you do not waste your time applying for one that you do not qualify for.
The Federal Housing Association (FHA) helps single moms buy homes by helping them get a 96.5 percent mortgage loan. A good example of an organization that offers grants for single mothers to buy a home is AmeriDream Inc. It provides single moms with money for down payment on a home.
Single moms might also make use of programs such as the Family Unification Program which has been devised to keep kids out of foster care. If the public child welfare agency can be convinced that only the lack of 156-315.65 housing is keeping the family apart then it will recommend that the family gets a voucher that has to be used to buy housing. The amount given is calculated based upon the family income and the family is also expected to contribute money.
As a single mom you should contact your local welfare office in order to find out what federal or state programs you qualify for. You will then be able to take better care of your children.