Excellent Customer Service and Customer Relations Is the Backbone of the Bank

11/08/2011 15:12

St. George Bank of Australia is the fifth biggest bank in the nation and one of the top 20 publicly listed companies in Australia.. It provides a variety of products and services like wealth management, personal banking, institutional and BCP-221 business banking, and retail banking. In personal banking, they are into personal loans, home loans, credit cards, and insurance. It also offers Internet banking facility to do all banking transactions via the Internet or cellphones from anywhere in the world.
It was formed in the year 1937 as housing finance institution and has significantly grown since its formation. The greatest strength is excellent customer service, product innovation and entry into neighboring markets. The bank has managed to offer home loan to innumerable borrowers and has managed to acquire a considerable chunk of market share. The bank is known for its excellent customer service and is a trusty and reliable financial institution.
Group Data Warehouse (GDW) tool used by the bank provides the data that employees need for faster, more effective decisions and continued excellence.
Four types of personal loans offered by the bank
Unsecured personal loan
The secured personal loan
The get set loan
The BCP-220 personal overdraft.

You can have information on account status, deposits, withdrawals, minimum balance available, online bills and could pay bills online via the online banking facility of the bank. It has reduced the time and efforts of staffs and the clients. If you want to get a loan quickly then you have to fill up the online application form available in its website. All other information like interest rates, terms, and conditions are available in its site. St George Phone Banking is also fast and convenient to do your banking from any touch-tone or mobile phone.
It also takes part in community development and supporting different sporting clubs, charities, disaster relief activities, and business programs.It also BCP-811 provides its customers with EFTPOS and merchant services.Apart from this, it also offers rural and regional business solutions to people.
Its loyal customers can take advantage of the services offered by the St.George Institutional & Financial Markets, which provides information regarding in crusade securitization, institutional and finance markets, customer securitization, capital markets, treasury investments, and economic reports.
In whole St George Bank boast of its excellent service and satisfactory customer relations