Do You Fancy Having Your Own Swiss Bank Account?

09/08/2011 02:13

Become the envy of your friends by acquiring your very own offshore bank account in the super secure and neutral banking country that is Switzerland. The Swiss 7303.1 have been known for their banking security since the 13th century and with the passing of their Banking Law in 1934 it became virtually impossible for anyone to access information on account holders. This law came about because of the political turmoil surrounding World War 1 and the threat of Nazi Germany and has grown their already solid reputation meaning that they have amassed around a third of all overseas bank deposits in the world.
So How Do I Get An Account? Well it is remarkably easy...
1.Much like with any high 7003.1 street bank you need to select which one you want to entrust with your hard earned or suddenly acquired cash. The major ones are UBS, Credit Suisse and Central Bank. If you don't have a branch in your town centre you could contact them directly to find out where your nearest branch is or just ask the Swiss Consulate (16-18 Montagu Place, London).
2.Decide how you will sign up. Unfortunately you can't sign up for an account online as you need to provide original documentation to open any account so you will need to arrange to visit your nearest branch, do things by post or, best of all, go to Switzerland and do it there. Before you go or send off any information, you should first check out each banks individual procedures and requirements.
3.Gather your documents. You will need passport for definite as well as any one or all of the following: proof of employment (pay slips or contract) with proof of earnings, proof of your wealth (bank statements etc) if you don't work, proof of address, possible documentation to prove where the money you are depositing came from (if it is a lot).
4.You need a healthy opening deposit. Normally it will be around £1000 but could be a lot more.
5.Once you have all this stuff and have chosen your new bank go ahead and make your application in person or send off your details and you should have your 6302.1 new account in a couple of weeks. You could even get it instantly if you do it in person.
From here all you have to do is get more money to pay into it. You don't want to be the laughing stock of the Swiss banking world so a good payment service provider can ensure that you have a regular influx of cash from other accounts and businesses. Perhaps you have an online business and could utilise a business merchant account to control purchases. With this and the Swiss setup, you can't go wrong.
And that's all there is to it. With there being nothing to stop anyone of any nationality opening an account and your new account being the most confidential in the world, one which is protected by Swiss law, opening a Swiss bank account is the simple way to secure your cash and impress your friends.